Travel, work, learn, live…

In 2012 Dominika and Chantal met at Instituto Politécnico of Viana do Castelo – Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão. Then, in 2013, Dominika had a brilliant idea and together – they founded Associação de Mobilidade Intercultural EUROMOB, which has now grown into a bigger and more complete project – WE ARE, Lda!
Many new projects and innovations are what best characterise this project. Even after being hit by a pandemic, they got up and have set up new surprises and projects for the upcoming years – always taking into consideration what they can do to make their clients’ experience even better. The eternal challenge and mission that has been set up for the company is to continue to grow in a sustainable and high-quality manner.
Almost about to reach the 10-year mark of working together, Chantal and Dominika are absolutely ecstatic to have found each other and are very excited to see what the future has in store for WE ARE. Stay tuned!
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